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Cartoonist for Wedding Entertainment

Caricatures by Kumar are the thank you gifts for the people attending your weddings !

Kumars draws at more weddings than any other caricaturist in Sydney.

FREE gift to bride and groom (worth $ 258/)

Kumar's wedding entertainment package is good value for money considering that guests get a memento from you and you get a top quality digital caricature worth $ 258/ for FREE.

At number of wedding receptions bride and groom caricature becomes an important part of decorations. Many couples print, frame and proudly display their caricature at the entrance of the wedding reception hall. Few of them have also printed their caricature on guestbook, wine labels, place setting labels, Thank-you cards and wedding invitation cards.

Kumar's complimentary bride + groom caricature is not drawn in 3 to 5 minutes. Sometime whole day is spend to finish a single wedding caricature. It is a piece of art which you would like to treasure for a long time.

Wedding caricature related

  The offer of complimentary wedding caricature does not include customised background or pose in the drawing.
  The caricatures are delivered as final drawings. There are no drafts on offer.
  The digital caricatures are emailed as high resolution image. Client needs to print it themselves.
  Due to high volume of orders, a wedding caricature may takes 4-6 weeks to finish. Please email photographs at least 4 weeks before your wedding otherwise there may be urgent delivery charge.

Wedding caricature photo requirements

  Please email either 2 separate single photos or 1 photo of both together.
  Just head shot will do.
  The photos need to be very recent otherwise faces won't resemble.
  Please email photograph with an expression of BIG SMILE!

Please note:
  The caricature is drawn referring to the photo you email us. Later if you are not happy with the photo you sent through and want to send us another photo that you are happy with then this would attract a redraw fee of $ 99/person. Please get the photo right at first time.

Wedding Stationery

Kumar's digital caricature is great as wedding stationery to amaze your friends and family. Turn your party as the event of the year. Use your full colour wedding caricature (normally emailed ahead of wedding) in wide range of wedding accessories. Your guest will love it and it will excite them about the night.

Event related

  The best time to call Kumar is at the beginning of your event.
  During wedding reception, most important people at your wedding reception (after the wedding couple) are inlaws, bridemaids and best man. If you let Kumar know of their seat allocation then he can give them priority over other guests.
  Due to certain limitations, standing style (roving) caricatures can only be drawn singles and in black & white.
  If you want Kumar to keep drawing your guests during speeches then you need to tell him in advance. He can be discreet while drawing.

Dress code

  Kumar normally arrives wearing a suit. If you have any other dress code then please let him know in advance.


  Small table, three armless chairs and an electric outlet. Kumar use electric point to connect his lamp if light condition in the hall is not adequate.
  Kumar's dates can fill up months in advance. Please book early to avoid disappointment.
   Please email at cartoonistsydney@gmail.com if you require written content for MC to announce Cartoonist.

Queue Related

  Kumar does not manage queue. If he does, he cannot concentrate on drawing caricatures.
  For quick results, one person one drawing is recommended. Kumar draws couples on same drawing after half time only. This is to avoid singles to wait longer for their turns.
  Kumar's live sessions are quite intense. He does not take any breaks or accepts any meals. Normally he is always in high demand.

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Samples of complimentary studio drawn wedding caricatures

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