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Trade Show Caricatures

Being an exhibitor at a trade show can be one of the most important moves your business makes. But the fact is a trade show typically contain row upon row of trade booths, all vying for potential customers. As you want to get the best possible value for the time and money you invest in your company's presence you need to deploy some strategies to miximise booth traffic. If you email Kumar, he will be happy to discuss your needs & ideas for your stand.

Live caricature is a great form of marketing. Hire Kumar and get traffic to your booth. Sometimes host–clients have seen even competitor’s line up to get their caricature drawn by Kumar. Kumar can customise each and every drawing with your event theme, company logo and/or date. Your company's name and logo can become "perpetual advertising" as long as delegate pin the drawing on their workstation, fridge or hang on wall.

Kumar can arrive at your booth dress up in suit to jell with your team of sales consultants. Each black and white caricature take approx 3 to 4 minutes. It is recommended that going with the full duration of the trade show in order to get as many attendees at your booth as possible.


Kumar requires 2 chairs, a small table and an access to electric point.

Price List

  From October to November the prices is $220/hr. During December the price is $250/hr.
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