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Price List for Live hand drawn caricatures

 Drawing caricatures is an unregulated profession. This means that one does not need a licence or certification to be an artist. To be on safe side perhaps you should see samples of artist's work before hiring them.

 Some artists may boast of drawing very high number of caricatures per hour. These artists may draw all your guests looking same...everyone in your party with same patato eyes, noses, ears and heads. If drawing bears no resemblance then it is possible that no guests may come forward to be drawn.

  If you shop around, you will find that a caricaturist at your event will cost you several hundred dollars per hour. What's happening is that the event host hires an event management company or entertainment company, who then hires a caricaturist. The company takes a hefty cut, the host pays a fortune, and the artist doesn't get very much at all. If we cut out the middle man, everyone will get a better deal.

 For us your event is too important to risk with other artists. If quote is accepted, Kumar deals with your event from start to finish.

PRICE List:  $190 per hour

Hours Total Price (All inclusive)
3 hours From $ 570 for 3 hours
From 4 hours From $ 760 for 4 hours
From 5 hours From $ 950 for 5 hours
6 hours From $ 1140 for 6 hours

  There is an extra charge of $ 100/event if Kumar is asked to work after 9pm.
  Travel fee may apply to those events where artist have to travel far.
  Kumar has Public Liability Insurance for his caricature services and copies of the insurance can be made available upon request.

Speed Per Caricature

Colour caricature have WOW factor. They add fun and colour to your event whereas drawings in B/W looks very basic. It takes me almost same time to draw in colour as in B/W.
Speed caricatures:

Approx. 20 per hour.

Speed caricatures are foundation drawings. It takes 3 minutes to complete drawing of one person. Anything quicker might diminish the quality. These are basic pen and ink drawings depicting person from head to shoulder. There is no shading or background colour provided. This option is a good if you have a tight budget and very large gathering.
Standard caricatures:

Approx. 12 per hour

Standard caricature takes 5 minutes to complete drawing of one person. These are pen and ink drawings with colour shade depicting person from head to shoulder. It is a popular option providing everyone at your event with great laughter and entertainment.   (Recommended)
Caricatures with funny bodies:

Approx. 8 per hour

Caricature with funny body take 8 minutes to complete drawing of one person. Subject is drawn with full body. The drawing is then colour shaded. It is an ideal option for corporate events. Subjects often frame or pin their drawings on the workstations/fridge adding humour at workplace/home. Please note: To cover maximum guests, the form and shape of body is decided by the artist.
It is assumed that there is a constant flow of subjects at your function. Transition time is not included in the speed.
Couples are drawn from head to shoulder only
From experience, some people are not keen or shy away from being drawn.

During the event

Corporate caricature   The best time to call Kumar is at the beginning of your event.
  Kumar does not manage queue. If he does, he cannot concentrate on drawing.
  Kumar's live sessions are quite intense. He works nonstop.
  Kumar prefer to start drawing couples only after first half. This is to reduce long wait for singles and control the crowd.
  During the event, most important people at your function (after yourself) are your family members. If you let Kumar know of them then he can give them priority over other guests.
  Children under age 5 can take longer to draw due to their shorter attention span.

Dress code

Kumar normally arrives wearing a suit. If you have a special dress code then you need to tell him in advance.


Table (at least 70cm by 70cm), three armless chairs and an electric outlet. Kumar use electric point to connect his lamp if light condition in the hall is not adequate.

Roving or Sitting Style

Roving: This option works only if venue is well lit during full duration of your event.
This option is good in smaller sittings. Kumar moves from table to table, interact with guests and draw live caricatures. This option limit him to draw in B/W only as its difficult to carry colours and move.

Sitting (recommended):
This is most popular option. Here, Kumar need two chairs, small table and an access to a power point. He use table to keep his portable lamps, colours and plastic sleeves. As his work area is well lit, he can draw fast B/W or colour caricatures and your guests know where to find him.

Kumar is happy to draw while roving, sitting or both. Choice is yours.

Payment Related

  There is $ 150 required to secure the date. This amount is adjusted in the final bill.
  Remaining payment is paid to Kumar on the day of your event. He would require name and mobile number of person from whom he can collect remaining payment.
  Once Kumar email you his confirmation on your booking, he turns down requests from other clients for the same time and date. In case of unforseenable circumstances, if Kumar is unable to attend your event then he shall return your deposit.

Modes of Payment

  Electronic Fund Transfer (preferred).
  Credit Card (via PayPal). Please add 3% surcharge to cover PayPal commission.

SIZE of Caricature

A4(210 by 297 mm) size for singles and couples

Spills happen at events and we want your guests to leave with their art intact. That's why all A4 size caricatures are presented to the guests in a high quality 'spill proof' plastic sleeves for protection - at no extra cost.


The linework is drawn in marker on A4 80 gsm paper. The superior quality (Swiss made) wax pastels are used for adding colour or shades.

Customised Paper

For a nominal fee, Kumar can cutomised each and every drawing with your event theme, company logo and/or date. Link to samples of customised paper.