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Kid party entertainmnent
ANZ Stadium, Sydney:  Kids and parents wait patiently in a long queue for their turn to get drawn by Kumar.

Kids Party Entertainment

 Kumar is hugely popular at kids party. His presence has three benefits.

1  High entertainment value
Kids are at perfect age to enjoy cartoons and caricatures. When Kumar is drawing caricature they have great fun ! They gather around him to watch the creative process in action ! Kids aren’t the only ones that enjoy watching him, their parents too LOVE to watch. At some events, parents with kids have waited for more than hour and gone home with a smile on their faces.

2  Kids take home a perfect gift to cherish and enjoy
These live caricatures are your gift to kids. It serve a constant reminder to them of how much fun they had at your event. Caricatures can be drawn on your letterhead or for a nominal price, they can also be drawn on a special paper printed with your logo.

3  Kids are engaged from start to finish.
While kids are busy, parents may enjoy other acivities without much disturbance.

Kids are quite imaginative ! Girl may want to be a princess, a mermaid, a superwoman, a ballerina, play netball or basketball, a rock star or ride a horse. A boy might choose to be a cowboy, a devil, a superman, ride a skateboard, play soccer, fly plane or drive a race car. If there is enough time, Kumar dipicts kid in their favourite character or activity to make the caricature personalised.

4  While conducting live performance, caricaturists teaches kids. Children gets to see "how caricatures are drawn," providing a great starting foundation for their artistic future.