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Product Launch Caricatures

During Product launch, Kumar's live caricature entertainment is a great way to attract people and give them a unique & FREE caricature gifts. It has proved to be a cost effective way to get your sales messages across. While people are waiting in a queue your sales team get an ample time to chat to attendees and promote the product.Most of the attendees will want to hang the caricature in their office or at home. The drawing paper can be pre printed with your branding so it helps enhance your marketing programme. It is different, fun and caricatures generate lots of interest!

The hand-drawn caricatures below were created for 'The Australian Egg Industry' at the Sydney Showground, Homebush. Each subject is drawn with a body of hen, bringing lot of traffic and lot of smiles at their event.

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Within 3-4 minutes, you'll have a quality sketch that is sure to prompt a smile and a laugh. Kumar's colour caricatures takes almost same time as black and white caricatures and they have WOW factor.


Kumar requires 2 chairs, a small table and an access to electric point.

Samples of live caricatures

  • Product launch  caricature
  • Product launch  caricature
  • Product launch  caricature
  • Product launch  caricature
  • expo  caricature five
  • expo  caricature six
  • expo  entertainment seven
  • expo  entertainment eight
  • expo  entertainment nine
  • expo  entertainment ten
  • expo  entertainment eleven
  • expo  entertainment twelve