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FAQs - Hand Drawn Caricatures

Q: How long does each drawing take?
A: Each caricature takes 3 minutes onwards, any quicker might diminish the quality.
Q: Aren't all caricaturists the same ?
A: No, some produce quality work which may get framed and hang in the living rooms while some produce work which your guests may either leave behind or throw away.
Q: Can't you draw more people by drawing just faces?
A: Yes, I can but just face caricatures are not as memorable as a full caricatures. From my experience, not many people frame just faces or caricatures with upper bodies.
Q: I am not sure if my guests are motivated ?
A: Don't worry, when your guests realise that you have hired an artist as an entertainer, and that the caricatures are offered at no cost to them, you've got an instant success.

I have drawn at many events where its the first time the host has hired a caricaturist and is pleasantly surprised at the entertainment value that live caricatures add.
Q: When should you arrive at my event?
A: Best time for me to arrive is at the begining of the event. It has many advantages.

First, everyone sees me as they arrive.

Second, you have an option to request me to stay late (I'm happy to stay after agreed hours provided I do not have back to back assignement or early start next day).

Third, live caricaturist are great icebreakers - they lighten the atmosphere, get people talking, people love to compare their drawing with each other and conversation flows. So I guess sooner the better.
Q: How can we get the best work out of you?
A: Provide good lighting at venue (for roaming style). If lighting is poor then it takes longer for me to draw. It also kills entertainment value as your guests can't see what I am doing.

Creating a caricature requires concentration. Try not to make me sit next to DJ or speakers.

If there is a DJ in the party then an announcement from him regarding availability of caricaturist would help.

Q: What happens on the day of event?
A: I come with everything I need to perform for the party: paper, art material, protective sleeves and portable lights (for sitting style). As your guests arrive, I introduce myself and ask if anyone would like their caricature drawn. Usually after the first three or four drawings are done, I have a constant steam of clients. Then, I am busy drawing for the rest of the function.
Q: Do you prefer to draw singles or couples ?
A: Singles, becauese they are quick to draw which make next persons' turn come quicker.
Q: Do you draw couple or groups?
A: Ofcourse I draw couple but I prefer to draw then during last hour of my assignment. Time taken to draw a couple is same as time taken to draw two singles. I am happy to draw couple at any time provided no singles are waiting.

I tried to avoid drawing a group because of limited paper size. In a group heads becomes very small, which can cause caricature to loose accuracy.

Also in a group caricature only one member can keep the original drawing. My suggestion would be to go for singles, group members can later scan singles into a computer and create a montage. That way every member in the group gets to keep their original caricature.
Q: Will you draw everyone at the event?
A: If time would allow me to, but I guarantee everyone will be entertained by the spectacle.
Q: How long have you been drawing cartoons and caricatures and how do you feel about it ?
A: Twenty-two years.

The thrill lies in seeing people flocking to have a peek at the caricature and breaking into laughter. And the ecstacy is in seeing one of your early creations adorning avatar in an unknown webpage or framed and hanging at an unvisited drawing room. But disappointment is when someone picks a caricature and blurts out "Does this look like me?”.
Q: Should I go for A4 size or A3 size paper?
A: If you want your guests to frame the caricature and hang it on their walls then go for A4 size. Also A4 size paper is easy to carry home.
Q: Is there any aftercare required?
A: Yes, please see that art work do not get wet. If you want to frame the caricature then frame it ASAP> A properly framed caricature can last for ever.
Q: What kind of art materials do you use?
A:The linework is drawn in marker on 90 gsm paper (A4 size). The superior quality (Swiss made) wax pastels are used for adding colour or shades. Finished caricature is inserted in a premium quality plastic sleeves for protection.

Q: Is there any checklist before hiring a caricature artist ?
A: Yes, insist on seeing samples of each artist before hiring so that you can verify that they do high quality work and are able to capture likenesses. If the drawing bore no likeness or your guests are drawn as mean or ugly people then they won't come forward to be drawn.
Q: Why caricature entertainment is better than other entertainments available?
A: Actually its three-in-one : creative entertainment, custom-made mementos, and a fun guest activity.

It also promotes conversation, get your guests talking, laughing and showing each other their caricatures.
Q: What is your longest performance time?
A: The longest performance has been for some 6 hours a day for 15 days in a row. It was for Samsung Electronics during the 2000 Olympics. In Sydney, I have sketched for 6 hours at a stretch mainly during trade shows and all-day Christmas parties. Please click here to see my party caricatures.
Q: Have you ever offended anyone?
A: No , I've been drawing live caricatures for over 10 years in Sydney and so far, so good...
Q: Are the drawings free or do you charge per person?
A: All drawings are presented free of charge. You simply pay for my time.
Q: Have you ever been published?
A: Yes, I was published in more than 35 international newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald. On a few occasions, the Herald has even published my work on its front page.
Q: Can you draw more than one person in a picture?
A: Absolutely but the time taken by 2 people in one drawing is same time as drawing each of them separately.
Q: Can I ask for special guests to be drawn first?
A: Yes, please mention this to me on the day.
Q: What is the best time to get my special guests drawn?
A: At the beginging of function.
Q: What do you think of drawing caricature as work?
A: Work is demanding and takes years to become proficient. Frankly, I feel I am still learning.
Q: Why there are so few caricaturists available in Sydney?
A: Because not all artists want to give up weekends and holidays when the majority of the events are held.
Q: Will you wear a tux in my party ?
A:Yes, but it's rental will be added to the bill.
Q: What dress do you wears?
A: dark suit, with a tie unless told otherwise.
Q: Can you draw from photos?
A: Yes. For more info, please click here.
Q: Which is more popular... Sitting style or Roaming style?
A: Sitting Style. It is more popular because with this style your guests can watch each caricature comes to life.
Q: Do you sit in one spot or roam around the room?
A: I am happy to do either. Usually I start by roaming around your event and draw guests who are standing in groups, waiting in lines, or sitting at tables. This also helps to break the ice for those who are hesitant to come and sit in the chair.
Once there is a constant stream of people then I am happy to sit and draw them for the rest of function.
Q: What do we have to provide you?
A: two chairs, small table and access to an electric outlet.
Q: How much do you charge?
A: Please check my Price List. For Australian Cartoonists' Association recommended rates, please click here
Q: Apart from events, what else do you do?
A: I can show up to the office to draw everyone! The presence of caricatures pinned around workstation brings a light hearted spirit and camraderie between workers. They also get to joke around and make fun of themselves. I also do team building and group caricatures for corporate offices.
Q: You are already booked for the date I wanted. Is there anyone you can recommend?
A: Please google on 'caricaturist in Sydney' or look at yellow pages.
Q: What payment methods do you accept ?
A: Electronic transfer, cheques, cash. I accept payment via credit card Only if its via Paypal.
Q: Can you come to my event and draw for one or two hours ?
A: Sure but it will cost you more. Calling me for 3 hours or more would give you better value for your money.
Q: How much time do I need to book you for an event?
A: Book early to avoid disappointment. The booking is taken on first come first served basis.
Q: How do I hire you for my event?
A: First email me to check on my availability.

If date is available then I shall send you a quote. If you accept the quote you shall be require to make an initial deposit of $150/ to secure the date. The remaining payment is required either before the event or on my arrival to your event.

Once commited to your event, I turn down requests from other clients for the same time and date.

In case of unforseeable circumstances, if I'm not able to attend your event then I shall return your initial deposit.
Q: Who owns the rights to copyright?
A: All copyright ownership resides with us. If you are using the caricature for private use then it is not a problem. We reserve the right to republish your caricature for advertising, promotional or marketing purposes.
Q: Do you have qualifications or did you teach yourself?
A: I have training from The Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London and over 15 years of on-the-job experience! Please click here for if you want to know more about myself.
Q: Have you ever worked on the streets ?
A: Yes, while studying in London I used to sit at Piccadilly Circus and draw caricatures.